TM-L600Mi Microinverter 600W

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Keyword: TM-L600Mi Microinverter 600W

Product Details

High efficiency up to 96% with 2 individual MPPTs

 "Max.DC input current of 13.5A, adapt to the market mainstream PV modules"

 High safety with max DC voltage 60V

 Easy installation of plug and play    

 Integrated smart monitoring & communication system

  IP 67 protection, die castin design

 25 year life time design with 10 year product warranty    

Input Data (DC)
Recommended PV Module Power 280W-450W
Start-up Voltage 20V
MPPT Voltage Range 25-55V
Max. Input Voltage 60V
Max. Input Current 13.5A*2
Max. DC Short Circuit Current 16.5A*2
Number of MPPTs 2
Output Data (AC)
Max. Continous Output Power  600W
Nominal Output Voltage  230V
Extended Output Voltage Range 184-253
Nominal Output Current 2.6A
Nominal Frequency/Range 50Hz/45 - 55
Power Factor >0.99 default
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <3%
Max. Units Per Branch 7
Peak Efficiency 96.00%
CEC Efficiency 95.50%
Static MPPT Efficiency 99.50%
Night Time Power Consumption <50mW
Mechanical Data
Ambient Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +65℃
Dimensions(WxHxD) 260mm*225mm*32mm
Weight 2.9kg
Enclosure Rating IP 67
Cooling Natural Convection - No Fans
Type of Isolation  High Frequency Transformers
Monitoring & Communication 
Communication WiFi
Energy Management Solarman Online Platform
Certifications & Warranty
Certifications IEC62109; IEC61000; VDE4105;VRF2019;NEN-EN 50549-1:2019;PN-EN 50549-1:2019
Warranty 10 Years Standard

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